Evidence 证据 (MP3)

Evidence 证据

1.A confession made in court is of greater importance than all proof.


2.All the evidence points to arson.


3.At the trial, all witnesses are required to attend the court.


4.Discovery is the process of uncovering each party’s documents to the other before a hearing starts.


5.He attempted to rebuild the assertions made by the prosecution witness.


6.His case was not helped by the evidence of the expert witness.


7.Inadmissible hearsay evidence was expunged from the report.


8.Is there enough evidence to prosecute?


9.Just because evidence is relevant does not mean that it is admissible.


10.Most people are competent to give evidence.


11.None of the aforementioned evidence shall serve as the basis of establishment of facts before it has been ascertained and verified.


12.Reliabitity of eyewitness evidence is never absolute.


13.She was ruled a hostile witness by the judge.


14.The chief method is to take depositions of parties and witnesses.


15.The confession was not admitted in court, because the accused claimed it had been extorted.


16.The evidence of the wife conflicts with that of her husband.


17.The new evidence changed the direction of the hearing.


18.The objection is sustained, and the witness will not answer the question.


19.The onus of proof is on the plaintiff.


20.The people’s court shall collect and examine evidence comprehensively and objectively.


21.The testimony of one witness is equivalent to the testimony of none.


22.The witness’s evidence is a mass of contradictions.


23.The witness’s statement does not agree with that of the accused.


24.The witness was unable to provide corroboration f what he had told the police.


25.There can be no application of the parole evidence rule unless there is a written contract.


26. We are waiting for the judge to rule on the admissibility of the defense evidence.


27.Which evidence will prevail


28.Witnesses are weighed, not numbered.


29.Witnesses must testify in person and be subject to cross-examination.


30.You have the right to remain silent, but anything you say can be used against you in the court.



Insurance 保险 Real property 不动产
Process 传票 Judge 法官
Law 法律 Court 法庭
Citizens’ right 公民权利 Company law 公司法
International law 国际法 Negligence 过失行为
Partnership 合伙 Contract and agreement 合同和协议
Environment protection 环境保护 Marriage and family life 婚姻和家庭
Prosecutor 检察官 Traffic 交通
Encumbrance 财产负担 Police 警察
Jurisprudence 法理 Lawyer 律师
Offense 犯罪 Instrument 票据
Jurisdiction 管辖权 Appeal 上诉
Customs and tariff 海关和关税 Death penalty 死刑
Settlement 和解 Costs 诉讼费
Shipping and maritime law 货运和海商法 Juvenile delinquency 未成年人违法
Loan and lease 借贷和租赁 Punishment 刑罚
Legislation 立法 Remedy 救济
Jury 陪审团 Contempt of court 藐视法庭
Tort 侵权 Bankruptcy 破产
Trial 审判 Tax 税收
Pleading 诉辩状 Litigation 诉讼
ownership 所有权 Agency 委托代理
Consumer’s right 消费者权益 Trust 信托
Criminal law principles 刑法原则 Criminal investigation 刑事侦察
Medical care 医疗保健 Duty 责任
Transaction 业务交易 Bidding 招投标
Plaintiff and Defendant 原告和被告 Intellectual property 知识产权
Debt 债务 Will and Succession 遗嘱和继承
Securities 证券 Gift 赠与
Arbitration 仲裁 Evidence 证据

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