Company law 公司法 (MP3)

Company law 公司法

1. A company director owes a fiduciary duty to the company.


2. A company is regarded by the law as a person:an artificial person.


3. An enterprise as a legal person shall conduct operations within the range approved and registered.


4. He is a director appointed under the articles of the company.


5. Prior to application for registration, the share capital must be stipulated in the Articles and all shares must be subscribed.


6. The chairman was personally liable for the company’s debts.


7. The company has complied with the court order.


8. The company has fulfilled all the terms of the agreement.


9. The company intends to sue for damages.


10. The company is controlled by the majority shareholder.


11. The company is presumed to be still solvent.


12. The company is resisting the takeover bid.


13. The company’s action was completely legal.


14. The domicile of a legal person or other organization is at the place of its principal business establishment.


15. The legal adviser recommended applying for an injunction against the directors of the company.


16. The major methods used to reconstitute the company are acquisition of companies and merging.


17. The profits and losses of the equity joint venture shall be shared by the parties in proportion to their contributions of the registered capital.


18. The resolution was invalid because the shareholder’s meeting was not quorate.


19. The right to vote at shareholder’s meetings for the election of directors shall be observed.


20. The two companies have merged.



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